Phase I of the Tower Restoration was completed during 2019. This phase of the restoration included repairing the metal at the top of the tower and stripping the paint off the limestone exterior.

Phase II, a major part of this restoration, was begun in 2020 and has an estimated cost of $700,000. This phase calls for repairing masonry and mortar joints, as well as restoring the iconic Lantern Gate as seen in the photo above. It is slated to be completed this year.

Phase III, the final phase, includes the recoating of the Tower, and will be finished next year.

This is the most extensive work project to be undertaken on the tower since 30 feet were added to its height in 1860. We will need your help during this ambitious restoration, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022. The importance of this project is reflected in the grants received from NY State to date totaling $438,500.

We’re responsible for raising the balance and are grateful to our growing list of sponsors for helping to make this possible. There are sponsorship opportunities available as we begin Phase II of the restoration. Please contact Nick Racanelli at 516-523-6154 or if you are interested in sponsoring the restoration of the Lantern Gate or another piece of this Historical Restoration.

With your support it’s possible to keep its light shining for decades to come.