The Crew at Tuthill Dock, circa 1920.

The Montauk Historical Society is a privately funded, non-profit organization. Our purpose is to collect, restore, preserve and display historically significant buildings, objects, and writings, and to preserve the history and cultures of Montauk and the East End for this and future generations.

Become a Member

By becoming a member of the Montauk Historical Society, you get free admission to our museums along with other benefits. And your membership fees help to pay for the important projects that we are working on.

Put Your Name On It

Please consider a year-end donation to help us continue our mission of education and preservation. Contribute between now and May 1, 2024,  and find your donation listed on a special page of the 2024 BEACON.  Names will also appear on our website, and where indicated below.

Choose a gift level and let us literally put your name on it:

  • $50 will buy a picket of the future fence at the Second House Garden
    The kitchen garden is returning as a wonderful feature of the Second House property! You can help us to recreate it by buying a picket for its fence.  Pickets will be inscribed with your name or the name of someone you wish to honor.
  • $75  will buy plants for one season’s planter on the porch at the Carl Fisher House
    The two planters on the front porch at the Carl Fisher House will be filled with seasonal plants all year.  Donate $75 and you will pay for one season.  Your chosen name will appear on a sign in the planter.
  • $100 will take care of refreshments at one of our free events
    We love to offer drinks and nibbles at our free events!  Donate $100 and you or a friend will be named as the founder of the feast.
  • $200 pays for a Montauk History Spot installed somewhere in our hamlet
    Montauk History Spots call attention to the hidden histories of buildings and other locations in Montauk, linking to a QR code that tells their story on our website — and includes the name designated by a generous donor.
  • $250 is an honorarium for one of our speakers
    Our history lecture series was a tremendous success in 2023.  Make it easy for us to continue these regular lectures in 2024 by donating the honorarium, and we will name you in our program.
  • $500 will buy and plant an apple tree in the Second House orchard
    A big part of our future plans for the restoration of Second House includes an apple orchard with heirloom trees.  Your donation in this category pays for buying and planting the tree, and will be recognized with a plaque at the tree’s base.
  • $1,000  puts you “in the groove” at our Summer 2024 Leisurama exhibit
    Leisurama is the theme of our first big exhibition at the Carl Fisher House, scheduled for the summer of 2024, which will include a recreation of Leisurama house rooms .  Your $1000 gift will mean that your name appears in our exhibition literature and signage.
  • $2,000 makes you the underwriter of our upcoming Kids’ Fun Day or American Songbook Soirée (sold!) at the Fisher House
    You will be recognized on promotional materials announcing these future events, both organized by the NeoPolitical Cowgirls and guaranteed to be great fun.


Our volunteers provide a huge service to the Historical Society and to our community. From our Garden Club to our Craft Fairs to events at the Lighthouse and our other museums, let us know how you’d like to be involved. Sign up below.  

Apply for an Internship

We are looking for high-school and college students with an interest in local history to help with our projects.  Please send an email to