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  • BULLY!: Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders, & Camp Wikoff: Montauk, NY 1898
  • Edited by Jeff Heatley
  • In the summer of 1898, General Shafter's Fifth Army Corps, which included Roosevelt' Rough Riders, returned to Montauk following its swift and decisive victories over Spanish forces in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. While they were celebrated as returning heroes, more than half of the 22,500 soldiers suffered from malaria, typhoid and, in a few cases, yellow fever. Camp Wikoff was established as a quarantine camp for those soldiers, and the nation rallied to support them.
  • Roosevelt's Rough Riders also experienced the effects of disease, but Roosevelt himself remained remarkably healthy. BULLY! chronicles the events at Camp Wikoff through the words of journalists and editors, as well as the artwork of illustrators at that time.
  • This second edition, published to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the Spanish-American War, includes new photos, an index, and an appendix of documents relating to the war, including President McKinley's Message to Congress, Richard Harding Davis' newspaper report on the charge at San Juan Hill, Lieut. John Joseph Pershing's account of the same battle, and the citation for the Medal of Honor, awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in 2001.
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